Pneumatically Actuated Valves


Electropneumatic Pneumatic Positioner
Valve positioning is achieved by Electropneumatic / Pneumatic positioner


Limit Switch
Limit switch helps in confirming the position of the valve by showing visually as well as through feedback from micro / proximity switches.

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Soleniod Valve
Solenoid valave helps to regulate the direction of flow of air into the actutaor. Namur solenoid valves directly fit the actutaor. Non Namur design valves can be fitted with SS tubing. Design ensures that 5/2 solenoid valves can be converted to 3/2 at site if needed.

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Declutchable Manual Override
This is a wheel operated declutchable gerabox to help to manually operate the valve in an emergency situation.

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Double Acting /Spring Return Actuators available as per function to remotely operated the manual valve.

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Other Accessories
Other accessories such as quick exhaust valve / flow control / AFR valve are added as and when needed.


Standard ISO 5211 Mounting Bracket Flange

Valve Butterfly Ball Plug

Pneumatic actuator technical specification

Mounting standard As per 5211
Pinion top Namur
Pressure Upto 8 bar
Temperature -20o to 80o C
Media Air (dry or lubricated), Non-corrosive gas or light hydraulic oil
Construction Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
Material Housing - Aluminium, SS
Drive shaft Carbon steel
Finish Two coat polyurethane
Rotation(Standard) Counter clockwise to open with port 'A' pressurised spring return actuators air fail to close clockwise
Movement(Standard) 91.50 from -0.50 to 910 counter clockwise
Lubrication Factory lubricated for the normal life of actuators

Electrically Actuated valves


Single Phase Electrical Actuator

These actuators are compact, lightweight and direct mount part turn-actuators. These actuators prove to be cost effective solution for automation of small valves & dampers. They are useful in Ball valve, Butterfly valve, Plug valve, Multi louver damper, Butterfly damper, Inlet Guide Vane
Three Phase Electrical Actuator

These actuators offer cutting edge actuation technology for the automation of final control elements, used extensively in process industries like power, steel, cement, chemical & petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper, food & beverages, water treatment etc
These actuators are rugged, robust and designed to automate a variety of multi turn loads when mounted directly and for part turn loads when coupled with reduction gerabox.
Linear Single Phase Electrical Actuators

These units are most suitable for control / regulating duty application of various types of valves such as Globe, V-notch ball, butterfly, diaphragm and single ? multi louver dampers.
The actuators are supplied with various types of accessories & can directly work on the control signal of 4-20 mA & also give feed back signal 4-20 mA with respect to actual mechanical position of the final control

Ordering Information for pneumatic actuated system

  • Valve - Type, Make, Breaking Torque, Mounting Flange details
  • Service conditions - Line Fluid, Temperature, Air operating pressure available
  • Actuator - Double acting or Spring return
  • Solenoid Valve - Power supply, Type, Enclosure, weather Proof / Flame Proof(IIA / IIB / IIC)
  • Solenoid coil - Terminal box, Plug in
  • Limit switch - Nos, power supply, Electrical rating (Amp/Volt), Enclosure (weather proof/explosion proof)
  • Other Accessories needed
  • Special options
    a) 3 Position Rotary Actuator (Suitable for coarse - fine adjustment typically in batching operations or processes)
    b)180 degree Rotory Actutor (Suitable for 3 way valve /V port Ball / Segment Ball, Butterfly, Plug / Dampers)
  • Action on Air failure - Open, close, stray put
  • Positioner - Pneumactic, electropnumatic

Ordering information for electrical actuated system

  • Valve - Type, Make, Break Open & Close Torque, No of rotations
  • Service conditions - Line Fluid, Temperature, Line pressure
  • Power supply - Available(single phase / 3 phase) 230V / AC /24 V DC / 110 V AC
  • Special enclosure - Needed (weatherproof / flameproof IIA / IIB / IIC)
  • Starter - Integral / control panel / both locations
  • Operational time needed
  • Control signal (Input) & retransmission signal (output) needed - 4 -20mA / 0 - 10V DC
  • Extra limit / torque swicthes needed ?
  • Potentiometer needed?
  • Position transmitter / valve positioner needed?
  • Other Accessories if any
  • On / off, modulate

Ordering information for control valve

  • Valve type - Globe 2 / 3 way / Butterfly / Diaphragm / V Notch Ball / Pressure Regulating Valves
  • Material - Body + Trim
  • Line size
  • Line fluid
  • Flow rate - Max / normal / minimum
  • Pressure - Inlet / outlet
  • Temperature - Max
  • Characteristics - Equal % / linear / on - of
  • Actuation form - Pneumatic / Electric
  • Action on air failure - Open / close / stay put
  • Accessories required
    a) Valve positioners
    b) Air filter pressure regulator
    c) Solenoid valves
    d) Air lock
    e) Volume booster etc

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